About Us

We are your portal to knowledge about culture; Culture Defined.

We strive to give you the knowledge to open your mind to not only your own culture, but to other cultures.

In a way, we are ambassadors to the world…but not just us, with the knowledge we hope you gain from us you too are a willing ambassador for your own culture.

Our Name

What does our name mean?

Well, it may be black and white but it’s much more than that.  In the beginning it was just a word that combined Ebony and Ivory.  That combination of two words was much more symbolic than we ever imagined.  We quickly realized that it was really a combination of cultures, a beginning of a journey to knowledge of more than our own culture.

Our Commitment

We found during our journey of discovery that it wasn’t easy to find knowledge of other cultures or how to even work to combine other cultures.  Where could you go to get the information you needed or who to talk to about your discoveries.  We developed our site to allow all of us to grow together, with the commitment that gaining the knowledge shouldn’t be judgmental or take a lot of effort in searching for that knowledge.  It should be a life experience during our journey that allows you to open your mind to step outside the comfort of your own culture and immerse yourself in others.